Daniel Runcie. 2012 –2015. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California Davis.
Jill Hamilton. 2014 –2015. Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University.
Aurore Bontemps. 2013 –2015. Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratoire Evolution et Diversite Biologique, Paul Sabatier University.
Reena Sellanuthu. 2010 –2013. Currently: Research Associate, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
Alexandre Fournier-Level. 2010 –2012. Currently: Lecturer, School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne.
Amity Wilzcek. 2005-2010. Currently: Academic Dean, Deep Springs College.
Tonia Korves. 2002-2006. Cognitive Tools and Data Management Department, The MITRE Corporation.
Bhoomika Singh. 2002-2005.
John Stinchcombe. 2001-2005. Currently: Associate Professor, University of Toronto. Lisa Dorn. 1995-2003. Currently: Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Osh Kosh.
Heidrun Huber. 2000-2002. Currently: Assistant professor, Radboud University, Nijmegen.
Cynthia Weinig. 1999-2002. Currently:  Associate professor, University of Wyoming.
Kathleen Donohue.1994-1995, 1996-1998. Currently: Associate Professor, Duke University.
Massimo Pigliucci.1994-1995. Currently: Professor, and Chair, Philosophy Department, CUNY.
Susan Dudley. 1992-1995. Currently: Associate Professor, McMaster University.

Visiting Postdoc

Erika Sudderth. 2011-2013.  Currently: Biologist at Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center.

Graduate Students

Cristina Lopez-Gallego. Ph.D. U. of New Orleans. 2007. Currently: Assistant professor, Universidad de Antioquia.
Eric von Wettberg. Ph.D. 2006. Currently; Assitant Professor, Florida International University.
Elizabeth Boyd. Sc.M. 2006. Currently: Faculty Assistant in the Molecular Systems Lab, Wyss Institute, Harvard.
Yuko Toyonaga. Ph.D. 2004. Currently: Translation coordinator, software company, Tokyo.
M. Shane Heschel. Ph.D. 2000. Currently: Associate Professor, Colorado College.
C. Randal Linder. Ph.D. 1994. Currently: Associate Professor, UT Austin.
Colin Purrington. Ph.D. 1994. Currently: Photographer, science blogger.
Pamela O’Neil. Ph.D. 1991. Currently: Deputy Assistant Director of the Directorate for Education and Human Resources, NSF.
Laura Graceffa. Sc.M., M.A.T. 1990. Currently: Science Department Chair, Poughkeepsie Day School, New York City.

Undergraduate Honors Projects:

DeAna Smalls. 2014. Currently: Undergraduate student, Howard University
Emily Josephs
. 2008. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, University of California Davis.
Kaya Schmandt. 2008. Currently: Science teacher, KIPP Academy Lynn.
Lisa Mandle. 2006. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, Natural Capital Project, Standford University.
Rosanna Dent. 2006. Currently: Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Winograd-Cort. 2005. Currently: Graduate student, Yale University. Dolaporn (Novem) Auyeung. 2005. Currently: Graduate student, Purdue University. Carolyn Wessinger. 2004. Currently: Graduate student, Duke University.
Lauren McGeoch. 2004. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Nevada. Robin Hopkins. 2003. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, UT Austin.
Matthew Vandeboncoeur. 2003. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, University of New Hampshire.
Matthew Jackson. 2003.
Joanna Kelley. 2003. Currently: Assistant professor, Washington State University.
Zac German. 2002. Currently: Graduate student, Colorado State.
Kelly Gravuer. 2002. Currently: Graduate student, UC Davis.
Adelia Barber. 2001. Currently: Graduate student, University of Wyoming.
Anne-Marie Lueck. 2001.
Ailene Kane Ettinger. 2001. Currently: Graduate student, University of Washington. Corinna Riginos. 2000. Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Wyoming. Nolan Kane. 1999. Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder.
Peter Dixon. 1999.
Elanor Abrams. 1998.
Jamalah Munir. 1998.
Dinan Messiqua. 1998.
Larkin Strong. 1997. Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Sarah McGee. 1997. Currently: Assistant general counsel, Office of General Counsel, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
Karima Cammell. 1997.
Sarah Bryson. 1996.
Kristin McDonnel. 1995.
Saara DeWalt. 1994. Currently: Associate Professor, Clemson University.
Lynn Adler. 1993. Currently: Associate Professor, UMass Amherst.
Katja Brose. 1990. Currently: Editor/Executive Editor, Neuron/Cell Press.
Elizabeth Wrone. 1989.
Cheryl Smith. 1989.
Annete Argyres. 1987.
John Willis. 1986. Currently:  Professor, Duke University


Chenoa Wilcox. 2014-2016. Currently: Course Coordinator, School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada Las Vegas.
Holly Addington. 2013-2015. Currently: Junior Specialist, Plant Pathology, University of California Davis.
Peter Braun. 2008-2013. Currently: Graduate student, Cal State U San Bernardino.
Liana Burghardt. (2006-2008). Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota.
Laura Martin. 2006-2007. Currently:  Graduate student, Cornell.
Alexis Walker. 2006-2007. Currently: Graduate student, Cornell.
Sheina Sim. 2006-2007. Currently: Graduate student, Notre Dame.
Chris Muir. 2006-2007. Currently: Postdoctoral fellow, UBC.
J. Franklin Egan. 2006-2007. Currently: Graduate student, Penn State.
Jillian Anderson. 2007-2008.
Renee Petipas. 2007-2008. Currently: Graduate student, Cornell.
Brook Moyers. 2007-2008. Currently: Graduate student, UBC.
Robert Schaeffer. 2007-2008. Currently, Graduate student, Dartmouth.
Deren Eaton. 2007-2008. Currently: Graduate student, University of Chicago.
Jennifer Plaut. 2004. Currently: Graduate student, U of New Mexico.

Lab Managers:

Miki Okada. 2013-2017.  Currently: Las Positas College.
Martha Cooper. 2004-2013.  Currently: Curatorial Assistant, Brown University Herbarium.
Amanda Gorton. 2013.  Currently: Graduate student, University of Minnesota.

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Danielle Ethington. 2013-2016. Currently: Field Technician, North Dakota State University
Lydia Eldridge. 2015-2016.  Currently: Scientific Aide, California Fish and Wildlife.