September 2019

End of the summer celebration outside Storer Hall. Goodbye Annie and Louisa! Thank you for all of your hard work.

August 2019

Speakman presents the results from his hydrothermal germination experiments at an undergraduate symposium. Good luck this year as a Junior at Howard University, Speakman!


July 2019

Schmitt Lab reunion at 2019 Evolution conference in Providence, RI.



June 2019

Siwon Chung graduates and receives an Outstanding Senior Award for her academic accomplishment and work on the germination niche in the Streptanthus clade. Congratulations, Siwon! We will miss you and wish you the best in your future.



The Schmitt, Gremer, and Strauss labs had fun participating in a Wilderness First Aid Training course. Pictured left, Eva Beyen from the Gremer lab demonstrates how to stay warm in a tarp burrito. Now we’re ready to take on this coming field season!


April 2019

Mark Taylor completes his dissertation.  He is now headed off to attend University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. Congratulations Mark on all your accomplishments! We will miss you.



Annie Adachi and Siwon Chung present their work on the germination niche in the Streptanthus clade at the UCD Undergraduate Research Conference poster session. Great work, everyone!



Mimi Caton-Darby graduates from the lab. Mimi is heading off to study at Albany Medical College. Congratulations, Mimi! We will miss you dearly in the lab and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

November 2018

The Schmitt lab welcomes new postdoc, Megan Bontrager. Megan will be working on the germination niche across the Streptanthus clade.


September 2016

The Schmitt lab welcomes Center for Population Biology Post-doctoral Fellow, Katie Ferris. Katie will be working on the adaptive significance of leaf shape along an altitudinal cline in Mimulus laciniatus.

October 2014

The Schmitt lab welcomes new postdoc, Alejandra Martinez Berdeja.  Alejandra will be working on the genetic basis of germination timing in Arabidopsis.



August 2014

Annie is the recipient of the 2014 Molecular Ecology Prize. link

June 2014

See Annie’s profile on PNAS Early Edition Articles. link

May 2014

The Schmitt lab welcomes new postdoc, Jill Hamilton.  Jill will be working with Annie and Graham Coop on GWAS in Arabidopsis.

See our new paper on PNAS Early Edition Articles, “Lagging adaptation to warming climate in Arabidopsis thaliana.” link

April 1, 2014

Mark Taylor received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats!

February 17, 2014

The Schmitt lab welcomes new postdoc, Aurore Bontemps.  Aurore will be working with Annie and Jessica Wright at USDA Forest Service on provenance testing in pines.